False start now to continue on.

I was in line (June 13th) at the American Airlines ticket counter ready to check in my luggage. Everything was running along smoothly.  I had arrived several hours early so I would not have any problems with the over sized box carrying the rudder. The box passed the size limits and weight limit no problem.  Then the ticket agent asked for my Australia Visa!  What! I never had gotten a visa before.  After all the checking and time wasting I missed my flight because I had no visa. Closer inspection of tickets showed that I was changing airlines in Australia, something I had not done before. Changing airlines meant I would leave the transit lounge and have to reenter through security etc. to board Air Niugini air lines. So I came back home shipped the rudder on DHL. Cost to ship a 60 pound box to Lae, PNG?  Try $1420.00!  That unexpected expense used up all my extra money for in-country expenses.  Thankfully a loyal supporter heard about this and now has supplied the necessary funds to continue the research!  Now I rescheduled my flights for June 20th.

ps. Still going to install the aircraft rudder on the bush plane first. ( I am a licensed A&P before anyone freaks out, lol)