Leaving for Papua New Guinea

Finally got the overhauled rudder for the Cessna 185 painted to match the rest of the plane.  Now have it boxed up and ready to head out and install the rudder.  Once that is accomplished and the plane is airworthy again I am planning to do more Indava Bird research.  Hopefully two weeks of researching in the area where all this first was reported by Duane Hodgekinson back in 1944.  I will be within 20 miles of Umboi Island where back in March 2017 loggers reported scaring up a creature that flew over them around noon time.   It would good to get a daylight sighting.

With my only evidence being the bioluminence video taken at night there is nothing in the way of morphology to determine the actual shape of body and wings.  I would be satisfied at this point in my research to photograph a Mega Bat, something seen in daylight!

I will report more as things develop.  I will be out of communications for almost the two weeks.

3 thoughts on “Leaving for Papua New Guinea

  1. Safe travels, Paul, wish you luck! I know there’s been some hardships the past few years, but I enjoy reading your updates and I hope it turns out to be a great adventure 😀

  2. Please Email on your return, hopefully this year i can help with sum funds !! Best of luck to you paul , Godbless

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